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Embed the Google review widget on your website in 2 minutes

Our lives revolve around Google. Whenever people visit anywhere a cafe, restaurant, salon, etc. They automatically Google the place, check the reviews, and then only do they make a firm decision. The fun part is, that all this comes naturally, nobody holds up for a second and thinks about how important Google reviews widget have become.

Google reviews make a brand’s reputation. Trust me, the right amount of positive reviews with just a pinch of professionally handled negative reviews can hit a home run in no time. With Google reviews making such an impact, how about we tell you that you can repurpose these reviews for your website as well?

Surprised? Don’t be, stats show about 91% of young consumers seek out reviews before making a purchase decision or trusting a brand.

Keep reading further to understand in detail how is this possible.

Embed Google Reviews using Social Media Aggregator

Follow the step-by-step guide to embed Google reviews widget on your website using social media aggregators.

1. Sign/login and create a feed

Log in to your existing social media aggregator account or create a new one. On the dashboard select “Add social feeds”.

Choose Google as your source platform in the next displayed pop-up.

On the next pop-up will appear select Places to fetch reviews from the chosen location. Choose My places if you wish to curate feed using your Google My Business profile.

Then, click on “Create feed

2. Customize and personalize

In the widget editor page, under the customization feature you can change the style, showing information, social sharing option, custom your posts option, add a banner, include pop-ups, and much more.

You have full authority over the content you wish to display in your widget. Choose which content you wish to display and which content you should eliminate with the moderation feature. You can highlight good reviews by pinning them on the top.

Take full advantage of the analytics feature to get detailed insights about how your widget is performing on the website. You can understand your audience better by tracking how your visitors behave with the widget. With the help of impressions, click, users, sentiment analysis, and much more details related to the widget you can make the necessary changes on time to keep the content fresh.

3. Generate the embed code

Once the customizations are completed. Its time to integrate the widget into your website.

Click on the “Publish” button and select “embed on webpage” option in the next page.

You will be shown a list of CMS platforms such as WordPress, HTML, Sqaurespace, Wix, Shopify, and much more. Select your website building platform from here.

Edit the width and height of the widget and copy the embed code generated below.

4. Embed on HTML website

Follow the steps below to embed Google reviews in your HTML website.

  1. Once you have selected HTML as your CMS and copied the code. Log into your HTML website admin panel.
  2. Navigate to the webpage you wish to embed the Google reviews in.
  3. Paste the Social media aggregator generated code in the body section od your code.
  4. Hit “Publish”.

Congratulations, your widget is now live on your HTML website.

5. Embed on Wordpress website

Most major brands have developed their websites on WordPress. It is the most creative, popular, easy platform to develop stunning websites.

  1. Once you have selected WordPress as your CMS platform
  2. Adjustd the height and width of your widget, copy the embed code.
  3. Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
  4. Select the webpage you want to embed Google reviews in.
  5. Paste the embed code in the body section.
  6. Make any changes if required, save the changes.
  7. Click “Publish”.

Your Google reviews widget is now live on your WordPress website.

Embed Google Reviews using the WordPress Plugin

WordPress plugins is a must try method to embed Google reviews on your website. This method does not require any coding knowledge.

Simply install the required plugin from the WordPress directory.

Search for your widget in the library. The customization and moderation features help you develop powerful plugins. They are auto-updated and offer best ucstomer support services as well.

Copy the shortcode and paste it in the body section of your webpage. Make the necessary changes and hit “Apply”

Once you are satisfied and have previewed your widget. Click on the “Publish” button to save the changes and make the widget functional on your website.


Website is the first point of contact after Google. Most visitors have already made the initial perspective about your brand from google. Good Google reviews and a hint of negative reviews which were handled nicely, can result in skyrocketing success rates.

By embedding Google reviews you spread awareness about your brand, enhance user engagement, develop a sense of trust, and improve your website layout. You offer your users with better quality websites, effortless purchase journey, ultimately improving conversion rates and sales.

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